Karaoke Rental for an Event

karaoke machine for corporate party or event
  • Ideal karaoke machine for your corporate party or parties in halls or restaurants
  • Our easy to use tablet-based karaoke system makes it extremely easy for you and your guests to have a great party
  • Use our speakers with your phone, iPod or MP3 player to listen to your own music when you aren’t karaoke’ing.
  • All our systems include a HDMI cable so you can use your television or projector as a second display
How Long?
Party as much as you want! We’ll deliver the system a few hours before guests start arriving and pick it up the same night or the next day
Two tablets are included (three with the Superstar system). The tablets are used to pick songs and build a playlist, it is ridiculously easy to use: you can search, sort, filter, see Top Songs by year or genre, etc!
Over 17 000 songs (2 160 in French) from the 1950’s to 2019, and all genres. We also have songs in Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Korean. Click here to see our song catalog.
A 22″ monitor for the singers to read the lyrics. Our Superstar system also includes a projector with 120″ screen
Two professional wired microphones, the Superstar system comes with wireless microphones
Our high-quality speaker system is powerful enough for a party of up to 75 guests
Party Light
Two party lights to give your event a fun atmosphere
You can upgrade your mics from wired to wireless if you book our Event Basic System
Installation and delivery is included in our free delivery zone, enter your postal code on our booking page to see your delivery fee

Starting at $449

Reserve your karaoke system quickly and easily on our website!

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Why Karaoke at Your Corporate Party?

Organizing a party that everyone will enjoy is not easy, especially with office parties. After all they don’t come along very often and you’re trying to please a group of people who will have very varied tastes.karaoke-vancouver-singers Now you’ll never find the perfect activity, but you will come very close with a karaoke rental.

Why? Well, first of all our systems double as a sound system, so right there you can already spend half the night doing karaoke and the other half listening to music. Second of all, karaoke is a great way to get people out of their seats and dancing. Karaoke is also just a lot of fun and is a great team-building exercise.

Finally, our service makes your role as the party planner much easier as we have free delivery and installation, great equipment and a stress-free booking system.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing our karaoke with all types of office parties (Christmas, Team Building, Going Away, Birthdays, etc), here are some testimonials from past clients

“Who would have thought a karaoke office lunch party would turn out to be one of the most efficient team building activity to end a stressful year! On top of it the machines are easy to use and have a varied music selection to satisfy everyone’s musical style!” Sarine Chitilian Who had a quick karaoke lunch Christmas party
“It was absolutely amazing ! Sean and his partner showed up on time, communication was A1. The setup was done quickly. We took the Corporate setup; It was awesome ! We didn’t think that the karaoke would be more popular then the dance floor. Amazing song library. I will honestly do business with them again in the future ! Merci !!” Hajoura Blehh Who had her best Christmas party ever!
“It’s our second karaoké for our office party with Karaoké Montréal and it’s cetainly not the last! Always a great experience, great songs and mostly a great service! Can’t wait for our next party! Thank you Karaoké Montréal!” Justine Chamoun Who has now had 3 Christmas karaoke parties!
“I’m so pleased with this service. The delivery and pickup service really sold it for me, and Hector was great! We had a blast and woke up the next day with no voices, that’s the sign of an awesome night of singing.” Lana Abelsohn Who had too much fun and lost her voice!
Garrett Who had a Karaoke rental at his Christmas office party last December, they partied till the early hours of the morning! That is to say, they had a great time!