karaoke for home parties

Written by Sean on Tuesday, 20 September, 2022

For some, karaoke conjures up images of dark bars with sticky floors and sweaty drunken strangers.

For others, karaoke is done in small booths, with songs in languages you do not speak and where you’re asked to purchase overpriced drinks every 30 minutes.

Both options can admittedly be incredibly fun, but they are not the only ones.

Karaoke is also a fantastic option for your next home party.

Why your next home party should be a karaoke party

1. Karaoke is always memorable

Solo karaokeing at a home party

There’s something about the prospect of a night of karaoke that gets your guests abuzz with excitement. Whether they think they love it or hate it, they will most certainly remember it. The best part? Doing karaoke at home almost certainly ensures that everyone will get a turn and that you’re going to really get to know your friends at a whole new level. For weeks, you’ll be talking about who surprised you with their incredible soulful voice or who cracked you up with their insane backup dancer moves.

2. Karaoke appeals to people of all ages, all walks of life ( and they won’t admit it, but even people who cringe at the mention of karaoke)

Our karaoke systems have been rented for 12 y.o, 50 y.o and 70y.o. birthday parties. They’ve been rented for small families or big friend groups or entire companies. With 17 000 songs in our catalogue, there are great options for everyone.

We have no evidence to back this up, but we’re sure that in every group there is always someone who cringes at the proposition of karaoke who ends up enjoying it an impossible amount. (The writer of this article, wife of the founder Sean Cronin, is one of these cringy people who in facts loves to sing. Just not alone in front of anyone.)

karaoke house party

3. You have options for how to set it up

It’s your home, so if you want to create a stage for your guests to belt out tunes from you can do that. If you rather hide in the basement, sit on the couch and sing from there, you can do that. We offer discolights, extra monitors or even projectors so you can totally customize your experience.

Either way, you’re probably going to spend the first 10-20 minutes just playing with the microphone, marveling at how cool you sound. Our high quality microphones and speakers ensure that you will feel like a superstar every time.

You can also use the system for speeches or for playing music for the parts of the night where you’re not singing.

4. It’s incredibly easy

Renting a karaoke system for a home party is one of the easiest things you can do. We bring the system to your home. We install it. We pick it up the next day. There’s no set up for you to do.

When it’s time to sing, you pick your songs from a small electronic tablet, they queue and all you need to do is sing.

So all that said – next time you think karaoke, think home party and have an incredibly fun time with the people you choose to invite.